You're not supposed to write a bio in the first-person. This bio should start with "Nicole Barton has been shooting professionally for ten years..." But that's just not ME. What I do is intimate. I make a connection with every person I photograph. I care about them; I care about what they hope to get from their photographs. I get to meet so many interesting people from so many places, in so many circumstances and that diversity and that connection brings me joy, and so, I want to speak directly to you. 

I am a mother, a photographer, a stylist, a designer, and before I was all of those, I have always been an artist. 

I was gifted my first film camera at nine years old and it was exactly what I'd hoped for. I spent hours and hours designing wardrobes and wild hairstyles in an attempt to duplicate the fashion magazines that I loved. I felt that every time I produced a new self-portrait, a previously unexpressed facet of my personality could be unleashed! It was transformative.

I could use this camera to purge pain, send a message, tell the world more about who I am. And then something incredible happened-I discovered that others would allow me to do the same for them. 

The reason I ended up ultimately providing portraiture to someone like yourself is that, quite simply, I love being photographed, I love how the resulting image makes me feel: The power it has, the message it conveys, and I want everyone else to feel what I feel.

I want you to have an image created that produces the exact result you hope for.


Whether that means having a show-stopping headshot that sets you apart in your field or taking home a timeless, heirloom-quality fine art canvas displaying an image of your children; If you're an artisan jewelry designer or a makeup artist and you need an image that articulates the essence of your art to the world- Those are the ways that I want to serve you. I want you to exist in images, I want your photographs to be printed into tangible pieces of art, and I want you to be changed by the experience.

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