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"I create images that do exactly what they're supposed to."


Whether that means having a show-stopping headshot that sets you apart in your field or taking home a timeless, heirloom-quality fine art canvas displaying an image of your children; If you're an artisan jewelry designer or a makeup artist and you need an image that articulates the essence of your art to the world- Those are the ways that I want to serve you. I want you to exist in images, I want your photographs to be printed into tangible pieces of art, and I want you to be changed by the experience.

I've got over a decade of experience in my industry, including owning my own studio in the San Francisco Bay Area for several years, before living in Los Angeles, and finally, opening my current studio in Tulsa. I've placed in international photography competitions, been published in magazines, been featured in lots of press,  provided portraiture for hundreds of clients as well as commercial work for successful businesses. My images empower entrepreneurs and allow subjects to see themselves in a new light. I am top-rated by my clients across review platforms such as Yelp and Google reviews, and this commitment to service is driven by my passion for what I do. 

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